logo“The Rabun County Democratic Party, founded in the 1830’s, serves the people of Rabun County, Georgia, and supports public policies that are beneficial to all the citizens of our county. The party shall promote the election and support of officials devoted to our democratic principles, public service, economic and social equity, human diversity and equal opportunity for all people.” Rabun County Democrats Face Book Page.

” We are an all local team made up of residents of Rabun County. We are a diverse group of folks made up of men and women, young and old, black, brown and white, retired and working, who love where we live and want to continue in the long tradition of making our county a special place to live.” Rabun County Democratic Party website.

Enthusiastic and inspiring Democrats of Rabun County represent the best of us in their commitment to and demonstration of Democratic values.  The newly refurbished website includes a large collection of serious thought on issues.


Chair: Mary Smith
Meetings and Events: https://www.facebook.com/rabuncountydemocrats
Call: (706) 782-0123
Email: marianne_blacksmith@yahoo.com,
Website: https://rabuncountydemocrats.com/
Face Book Group:https://www.facebook.com/rabuncountydemocrats
Twitter: @rabuncountydemocrats

The 2016 Vote: 

Demographics: “As of the 2010 United States Census, there were 16,276 people, 6,780 households, and 4,528 families residing in the county. The population density was 44.0 inhabitants per square mile (17.0/km2). There were 12,313 housing units at an average density of 33.3 per square mile (12.9/km2). The racial makeup of the county was 93.3% white, 1.0% black or African American, 0.7% Asian, 0.4% American Indian, 3.0% from other races, and 1.5% from two or more races. Those of Hispanic or Latino origin made up 8.0% of the population. In terms of ancestry, 16.5% were English, 12.8% were Irish, 11.8% were German, 10.1% were American, and 5.3% were Scotch-Irish………The median income for a household in the county was $34,406 and the median income for a family was $50,410.” – Wikipedia, Read More.


The Chatooga River

History: “In northeast Georgia, [Rabun] is the state’s forty-seventh county. Comprising 371 square miles, the county was created by the state legislature in 1819 from land ceded by the Cherokees and was named for Georgia governor William Rabun.”   During the U.S. Civil War, Rabun County was one of only five Georgia counties that did not declare secession from the Union  — Wikipedia, Read More.

“The first European to see this area may have been Hernando DeSoto. As early as 1540, he made a foray north from the coastal region in search of gold, and is thought to have traveled near here with a vast army. …..

……The first white settlers were Europeans, mostly German and English, who were given land grants by the state of Georgia when the Indians were removed by treaty in 1819. Most migrated from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Carolinas.”   — Rabun County Chamber of Commerce.  Read More:

Rabun County features much to attract those interested in the wilderness and outdoor recreation. The county is also home to three state parks: Black Rock Mountain State Park, Tallulah Gorge State Park, and Moccasin Creek State Park.Bounded on its east by the Chattooga River and on its west by the Appalachian Trail, the county sits astride the Eastern Continental Divide.  Because of the scenery, people with money have built vacation and second homes around the area’s lakes. Cotton textile manufacturing and tourism are major industries.  — Cooksey, Elizabeth B. “Rabun County.” New Georgia Encyclopedia. 07 December 2016. Web. 24 May 2017.