The Blessed Community and assault rifles

One perspective:

Those who are going down the “mental illness” pathway to a blessed community are at best idealists. Their idealism informed the turn of the 19th century anarchists with  faith that humans without cultural and social restraints are perfect and will always do the right thing.

Their belief in the possibility of the ideal community are those who will coerce behavior on others that is consistent with their versions of  perfection according to Christianity and or Patriotism. Those who love their guns today operate in the belief that “good guys with guns”  will eventually kill all the “bad guys with guns.”

And so we will achieve the perfect and blessed community.

We are fortunate that the men who authored our Constitution were wiser than that.  They understood  that man and our institutions are not perfectible. Our government is designed to survive the venality and imperfections of human nature.  That is an achievable goal. Choosing perfect men or women to govern us is not. The greater good is determined,  with the consent of, the stakeholders in the social contract that permits the functioning of the restraints and limits.  — W. Lorraine Watkins

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