Mothers’ Day 2019

whteroses225pngAs I was revising and updating our Women’s History pages – researching and  listening, I have experienced at least two new or refreshed epiphanies. Permit me to share. I am presumptuous enough to believe we in the 9th DDWN can take some example from some of what I have.

The first is the power of women gathered together in conversation. Many women were activated first by the meetings for abolition and first northeastern leaders came from that experience. Conventions of large numbers of women was the hallmark. We take strength from each other. It is vital that these gatherings continue and grow.

A second epiphany has been coming to realize the extreme diversity of the women involved. Learning the details of the lives and nature of some of these women one is struck with the immense diversity of the women in their politics. There were passionate libertarians, Puritans, anarchists and Marxists and more. There was/is the same degree of diversity in the aspirations and grievances that they sought remedy for. Victoria Claflin the first female to run for president would have made Stormy Daniels blush with her libertine platform. The so well Known Elizabeth Cady Stand\ton was driven for acceptance of equality in intellectual matters.

A major contingent were the daughters and granddaughters of black slaves. wrangled and competed but in the whole they were unified nevertheless by the belief that solution lay first in the vote, nd then and now the law. We can beat our breasts with anger at the ignorance and meanness that sustains the need for more struggle but if the human race is to be healed and taught the ways of creation and brought into maturity, it’s going to take moms persisting.

If we have come this far we can go further.  — W. Lorraine Watkins, April 1, 2019