Doug Collins, The Definer, Explains Femininity*

wlwNinth  District Congressman Doug Collins, now in GOP leadership as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, is flexing his muscles in public. His recent newsletter with all its gore that appeared in my email inbox should have tripped the pornorgraphy filter.   Perverting  the term “pro-life”  he cites a proposal on already banned infanticide, obviously designed to be an excuse (without fear of exposure to proof of the contrary), to  define abortion fetuses, women and the medical establishment.

Now this. He is leading fellow Republicans in opposing HR5, “the Equality Act which would expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — the landmark law banning discrimination based on race, sex, and other characteristics — to include sexual orientation and gender identity.”

According to  an April 2, 2019 Buzzfeed report**  he makes the claim:

“Women, lesbians, and families become the collateral damage of identity politics,” said Republican Doug Collins of Georgia, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee………………. because it bans discrimination based on a person’s gender identity, Collins and other Republicans contended Tuesday it creates an arbitrary distinction that lets men pretend to be women, blurring the line between sexes, and defines gender by mannerisms and attire.”
“Collins argued the Democrat-sponsored bill ‘codifies stereotypes and sexism,’ and, If the Democrats are determined to move this legislation forward anyway, we must recognize that it prioritizes the rights of biological men over the rights of biological women.”


What civil liberties laws in fact do is to protect the right to self determination and self definition. It is clear Pastor Collins and his Republican colleagues would reserve the right to define femininity.  Examine his rhetoric and record  and and that of the anti-abortion Republicans.  It becomes clear that femininity  shall be defined by him and  his white male identity group on the basis of who they would like to have sex with and force to have their babies.

For some it is amusing to consider the dilemma of a male who considers only males are anatomically fully complete human beings when confronted with the risk of being attracted to a woman born with male genitals.  Poor Doug.


*Submitted to The Times of  Gainesville Opinion Editor


W. Lorraine Watkins April 7, 2019