Defending due process

wlwheadshot200Speaking with the usual caveats as one abused as a woman in my ascent up the professional and economic ladder, I am becoming increasingly concerned with hysteria and some calls for extralegal remedies as we are transiting the, in my view, the genuine huge cultural shift and challenge to the perquisites of power.

The media keeps hounding Democratic members of Congress with a false equivalency over why they are putting up some resistance to following the business model. The reason is simple. Bosses by law have great powers giving them choices of who they hire and fire. Falling audiences, boycotts etc because of accusations toward an employee who serves as the face of the business is likely a legal cause for termination.

On the other hand the most public intuitions in government are legally held to a standard that holds “innocent until proven guilty” and a defined due process to prove.

I think  we best support efforts to retain some modicum of due process for these accused. Do we really want all our institutions to operate as business? There are many, including the crowd in office now who want that.

That said it is clear the “due process” provided in the rules under which the Congress operates was rigged to deny full justice for the abused and provide for minimal penalty to the abusers. That of course has to change. NOW. It is not only critical for legal technicalities but really to preserve due process amidst the hysterical calls for mob punishment to the accused.

As the accusations are being made the public is examining and diagnosing a culturally embedded system that has permitted the cycle of abuse and silence to exist. The people will decide how that must or must not change.

But we also have our Constitution and the law to address the particular at the individual level. We cannot let that get enveloped. That is why we have governments.  — W. Lorraine Watkins December 1, 2017

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