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Youth announce demands for September 20th Climate Strike

 We’re now in the midst of a drastic wake-up call to protect our planet for every generation. July 2019 was the hottest month in recorded history. The Amazon is on fire. Hurricane Dorian has wreaked unprecedented damage in the Bahamas, and is battering the Carolinas. The human and environmental toll is dire. Our kids, communities, […]
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When legislators refuse to change laws, change legislators! Georgia’s Win List

This means Republicans have effectively blocked measures to ban bump stocks, repeal campus carry, require fingerprint background checks, require training for those who apply for carry permits and keep guns out the hands of those convicted of domestic violence or with proven mental health issues. What to do? The best and most effective solution for […]
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Tomorrow, Tuesday – Protest HB 841 signing.

W, We’ve fought and dreaded this day, but the time has come – tomorrow morning, Governor* Brian Kemp will sign the abortion ban into law. His hate-filled, extreme agenda is taking Georgia backwards – but Georgia Democrats won’t let him get away with it. Tomorrow, we’re joining our friends at the Capitol to make our […]
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Send the message!

Tomorrow at 6 PM – 7 PM Georgia State Capitol 206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30334   We are just getting started. Come for an hour or whatever time you have to hold a sign about why you’re coming for their seats: reproductive health, voting rights, healthcare expansion, school vouchers, clean water – the […]
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Protect Rural Property

ACTION ALERT: Via Rebecca Roter “The bill prevents nuisance suits from being filed against any agricultural operation if it has been in operation for at least a year, even if the nuisance-creating activity has not started yet.” Take action now to protect your property rights:   PROTECTGEORGIA.ORG Protect Rural Property Rights Ask your elected officials to […]
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AJC ” Georgia voting machine debate pits election officials vs. tech experts”

“Democratic legislators are aligned with cybersecurity experts who prefer paper ballots bubbled in with pens, a voting method that avoids the inherent risks of a computerized system.”  Read Full Report  Here.