About Us

I compare the evolution of basketball to the evolution of women in the U.S. We are no longer confined to half court and we can dribble the ball all we want. Now shoot. — Nellie Dunaway Duke


The 9th District Democratic Women’s Network was formed in the year leading up to the 2016 US Presidential election in hope of making a difference in its outcome. In the fall of 2015 June Krise, Melissa Teague and  W. Lorraine Watkins came together to  establish our mission and bylaws.

We are a chapter of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women and the National Federation of Democratic Women and support the same goals. We hold Town Hall meetings via phone every other month and periodically we will hold meetings at various locations within the 9th district.


Chairman – Open — Melissa Teague Acting Chair
1st Vice Chair – Melissa Teague
2nd Vice Chair- Wilma Turner
3rd Vice Chair – W. Lorraine Watkins

 Secretary – Shawna Anderson
Treasurer – Virginia Webb


Provide information to members on proposed and current state and national legislation. Provide campaign assistance to Democratic candidates within the 9th District

Keep members informed via social media and email. Inform local media

.Education and Outreach
Inform residents of the 9th District of our projects, local and state news, engage our community and seek to grow voter base.


It is easy for women residing in Georgia’s Ninth District to become a member of the 9thDDWN.

General Membership are women who live in the 9th Congressional District of Georgia and believe in the policies of the Democratic Party. Simply use the contact form tab above or submit your contact information to:9thdemocraticwomensnetwork@gmail.com

Sustaining Members are members who choose to financially support the 9thDDWN. The 9thDDWN accepts voluntary donations in lieu of dues; suggested donations range from $10 to $50. Donations are used to fund operational expenses Make checks payable to: 9th DDWN and mail to the Current Treasurer, June Krise  24 Sal Mountain Way Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571.

Associate Membership is non-voting and is open to men or to women living outside 9th Congressional District of Georgia.

Whatever your primary areas of interest and concern, the work is important.  Come join us as Democratic women on the move.

Democrats work for economic security for everyone by protecting middle class Georgians. Democrats are engaged in making Georgia a better place for all…….Democrats work for economic security for everyone by protecting middle class Georgians. Democrats are engaged in making Georgia a better place for all……

That is why we now have the Hope scholarship, Georgia Pre-K, and the Affordable Care Act which prevents denial of health care insurance for pre-existing conditions and allows young adults to stay on their parent’s insurance policies until they are 26 years old. We care about educating our children, helping all our seniors by protecting Social Security, and creating good jobs for those still in the work force– just to name a few of our priorities. And this is why we are members of the 9th District Democratic Women’s Network.

The website was first established in  celebration of Women’s History Month, 2016 as a venue for contributions of biographies and vignettes representative of the historical struggle for equal rights and our heroes.  Now the website is in the process of expanding to bec0me also a politically functioning source of information and blog representing  The 9th District Democratic Women’s Network.  The pages referencing women’s history remain a permanent presence and contributions are solicited,





Graphic by Melissa Teague.  Content is edited  for electronic display . The original was composed by Melissa Teague