By-Laws & Policies


9th District Democratic Women’s Network

The mission of the 9th District Democratic Women’s Network is to unite and support the Democratic Women of this area. We will support the projects of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women, the Democratic Party of Georgia and the local county Democratic Parties of the 9th Congressional District.


The 9th District Democratic Women’s Network, hereafter 9th DDWN, shall be a district wide local chapter of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women. Membership in the 9thDDWN shall make each person an automatic member of GFDW and the National Federation of Democratic Women.

We shall educate our members and the general public about current issues and events and take action as deemed necessary.


Steering Committee:

The 9th DDWN shall organize under the leadership of a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall organize and conduct a plan of work that will be reviewed each January. The Steering Committee shall be representative of the various counties of the 9th Congressional District.

Chair and Vice Chairs

The Network shall elect a Chair that will call meetings and plan the agendas. The Chair will also have the authority to appoint committees.

The Network will also elect a First Vice Chair, a Second Vice Chair and a Third Vice Chair.

The First Vice Chair will serve as Chair of the Membership Committee.

The Chair and the Vice Chairs shall serve for two years and shall be elected in January.


A secretary shall be elected and shall have the duty of taking minutes of meetings and distributing the minutes via email. The Secretary shall keep a list of emails and phone numbers of the network members. The secretary shall serve for two years.

Plan of Work:

9th DDW will identify a strategic plan that will serve as a guide for developing projects and activities. The strategic plan will be reviewed in January of each year.