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The 9th District Democratic Women’s Network is a chapter of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women The Georgia Democratic Federation of Women is an official caucus of the Democratic Party of Georgia and a member of the National Federation of Women. We pursue the same goals.*

The Ninth District Democratic Women’s Network has been honored by the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women; being chosen Outstanding Chapter of the Year. 2018.

Our chapter is a district-wide network. We offer membership to Democratic women living within Georgia’s 9th Congressional District.  We were established early in 2016, the timing prompted by the hope of making a difference in the elections’ outcome. In the fall of 2015 June Krise, Melissa Teague and  W. Lorraine Watkins came together to  establish our mission and bylaws, the first steps in creating the 9th District Democratic Women’s Network.  The response to outreach has been gratifying and affirming as our membership of enthusiastic and talented women grows daily.

This website is created for all who find it interesting or useful. It’s creation has been informed by not only a desire to communicate our Democratic principles and values but also with affection for the region and the people within the 9th Congressional District.   As part of the 9thDDWN  program for communicating notices and news of county and other Democratic events, a broader goal is simply getting to know each other and helping each other.

We bring the women’s perspective in our e focus is on the activities of Democrats, the county Democratic Parties and unaffiliated individuals and resistance groups,

We have created and create our own events. Also, perceiving advantage and a need to establish and enhance communication among Democrats and County Democratic Parties in the District we promote collaborate with a number of County Democratic Parties. and regional resistance groups and grassroots activists. A coalition of District county parties is being  established in a more formal organization for those which are interested. All District County parties are invited.  The goal is to pool resources and carry out activities that reach beyond county lines.  Nine counties now participate and this website has an area for coalition work and communication accessed via the menu tab “The Coalition.”


Chairman – Jennifer Thuy-Tien McCall
1st Vice Chair – Susan Decker DeMourie
2nd Vice Chair- Wilma Turner
3rd Vice Chair – W. Lorraine Watkins
 Secretary – Lisa Gill Gardner
Treasurer – Virginia Webb

COMMITTEES Political/Legislative Provide information to members on proposed and current state and national legislation. Provide campaign assistance to Democratic candidates within the 9th District

County Coalition
Collaborate and pool resources with county parties in holding activities.

Keep members  and District Democrats informed via social media and email. Inform local media

.Education and Outreach
Inform residents of the 9th District of our projects, local and state news, engage our community and seek to grow voter base. Voter- voting  education and oversight.


It is easy for women residing in Georgia’s Ninth District to become a member of the 9th DDWN.

General Membership are women who live in the 9th Congressional District of Georgia and believe in the policies of the Democratic Party. Simply use the contact form tab above or submit your contact information to:watkinsroots@gmail.com

Sustaining Members are members who choose to financially support the 9th DDWN. The 9thDDWN accepts voluntary donations in lieu of dues; suggested donations range from $10 to $50. Donations are used to fund operational expenses Make checks payable to: 9th DDWN and mail to the Current Treasurer, Virginia Webb. Make your check payable to:  9th DWN, c/o Virginia Webb, 349 Gastley Road, Clarkesville, GA  30523

Associate Membership is non-voting and is open to men or to women living outside 9th Congressional District of Georgia.

Whatever your primary areas of interest and concern, the work is important.  Come join us as Democratic women on the move.


MAIL 9thdistrictdemocraticwomensnet@gmail.com

FACEBOOK -MEMBERS https://www.facebook.com/groups/9thdemwomennetwork/


TWITTER https://twitter.com/9thDDWN


Special Note: This site was first established in  celebration of Women’s History Month, 2016.  It has since been moved to its new address https://9thddwn.com. We recommend a visit to History Making women. It is a collection of contributions of biographies and vignettes representative of the historical struggle for equal rights and our heroes.

Graphic by Melissa Teague.  Content is edited  for updating and for electronic display . The original was composed by Melissa Teague

*The purpose of the GFDW shall be through our time, our talents, and our money to:
1) Strengthen all facets of the Democratic Party and women’s participation in it;
2) Promote the election of Democrats in all levels of government; and
3) Promote and encourage qualified women to seek political office and to serve on governmental boards and agencies”. – GAFDW FaceBook Page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/GeorgiaFDW/about/?entry_point=about_section_header&ref=page_internal