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The Panel of Experts

Dr. Jim Smoot

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Dr. Jim Smoot

Dr. Smoot has had a rich career in the environmental sciences and engineering fields. He was formerly the head of NASA’s Earth Science Office at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. His NASA Office executed numerous research projects and science measurements using instruments on orbital satellites and airborne platforms. These included climate, extreme weather, and many atmospheric, land, and ocean processes and properties. He also served as a NASA representative to the Federal Inter-Agency Task Force guiding the National Climate Assessment process.  Additionally, he was selected as a member of the United States Delegation to the United Nations World Meteorological Organization quadrennial Congress.Earlier in his career he served as the Assistant Regional Manager for the U.S. Geological Survey for the Southeast U.S. where he was a leader of the agency’s National Water Quality Assessment Program. He has also served as a senior faculty member in Environmental Engineering at The University of Tennessee.

Dr. Smoot now makes his home here in White County in Sautee Nacoochee. This will be an opportunity for anyone interested in the environment or the effects of Climate Change to learn more about this important issue.

Daniel Blackman


Daniel is a human rights advocate and entrepreneur. He was the first African-American to run for office in Forsyth County, Georgia and was the 2014 Democratic Nominee for Georgia’s Public Service Commission accumulating 1.1 million votes. With over 10 years of public and intergovernmental affairs experience, he has worked with the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Green Building Council, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Energy, and was appointed by retired Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears to the Georgia Supreme Court Commission on Children, Marriage and Family Law. In 2015, he was honored to be 1 of 65 Emerging Global Leaders invited to a multi-faith “Climate Convergence” in Rome, Italy and Vatican to discuss the Paris climate negotiations and the release of the papal encyclical.

Mr. Blackman was appointed by the Chairman of the National Wildlife Federation to serve on an Environmental Policy Commission co-sponsored by members of the United States Congress to address renewable energy and public health issues in disadvantaged communities throughout America; and worked with the Environmental Working Group to advance mandatory GMO labeling legislation that would preempt state labeling laws but create a national, mandatory GMO labeling standard for all GMO foods.

As a business owner, he manages his company with the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, using the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. He has worked with Civic Nation, a partner organization which supports White House Initiatives, the Sports/Entertainment industries, and various high -profile philanthropies and family foundations which have given him an innovative approach to leadership development and coalition building, with a vision to transform the social conscious of the global citizenry

Rob Mishler

Mr. Mishler held the office of 2nd Vice Chair of the Fannin County Democratic Party (2008 to 2010). And was then elected as the Chair of the Fannin County Democratic Party (2010-2012) as well as the State Committee Member to the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) (2011 – 2017). Subsequently becoming Secretary for Greening Georgia Advocacy Group in 2012 during that bodies officer elections. And is now the acting secretary for the Greening Georgia Environmental Caucus to the DPG, a new caucus that was voted on and accepted by a 134 to 19 vote of the DPG State Committee in Athens, Georgia on March 11th, 2017.

Rob will also be discussing the Greening Georgia Environmental Caucus to the DPG, its mission and its goals and will be seeking county level participation to become environmentally involved so that we may hand our children and grandchildren a sustainable planet as our legacy.

Greening Georgia


Greening Georgia has been one of the most effective activist environmental organizations in Georgia.  Claudia Collier is the long time chairman. Rob Mishler, our speaker and panel member is serving as acting secretary.

Greening Georgia recently became  an environmental caucus approved by the Democratic Party of Georgia. Greening Georgia will educate Democratic Party office holders, candidates. Rob Mishler is currently touring North Georgia Democratic parties providing information about the caucus and the environmental issues being addressed. The FaceBook group provides  a space where green initiatives that affect Georgia can be discussed inside a major political party.

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