When legislators refuse to change laws, change legislators! Georgia’s Win List


This means Republicans have effectively blocked measures to ban bump stocks, repeal campus carry, require fingerprint background checks, require training for those who apply for carry permits and keep guns out the hands of those convicted of domestic violence or with proven mental health issues.

What to do? The best and most effective solution for gun safety is replacing Republican legislators who refuse to consider gun safety measures with WINning women who value the lives of Georgians more than the support of the NRA and gun manufacturing interests.


Georgia families deserve to send their children to schools and even college campuses where they do not fear for their safety. The more than 40 progressive women Georgia’s WIN List has endorsed over the years currently serving in the General Assembly are committed to gun safety. They need reinforcements! The primary focus of WIN List over the next 18 months is to finish the job of turning Georgia blue in 2020 by FLIPping both chambers with the election of seven new Democratic senators and 15 new house members.

With presidential politics and a United States Senate race driving interest in the top of the ticket, 2020 is expected to be a record setting year for voter turnout. It will be the first time many Generation Z voters have the opportunity to cast a ballot following years of participating in active shooter drills at their schools. Read about what motivates these new voters in a blog post written by our summer intern Ke’Aira McDowell.  From Win List email. Jun 7, 2019

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