Yor are Invited, Reminders

Hats 0202This coming weekend our Spring Meeting  Saturday, May 11 in Blairsville will focus on women at work in the public arena as we plan for being part of our Democratic Party’s strategy to elect  Democrats at all levels in 2020.  Details Here.

If you have not received your Evite you may RSVP from the website or email directly.

Serendipitously Mother’s Day falls on the next day May 12.  In the introduction to a recent publication of Eleanor Roosevelt’s columns  the editor comments that Ms Roosevelt’s immense contributions to the causes of civil liberties and peace were “in spite of being a wife and mother.”  I disagree and would say significantly  DUE to her experiences as wife and mother.

What do you think?

Reading that comment spawned my idea to invite our wonderful North Georgia ladies to share to publish on the website   tributes, sketches or vignettes of our mothers and or of mothering. No size requirements. No need to directly answer the question. We will each figure it out.

We can even read some at our meeting Saturday.

If you have attachments such as photos please respond to me directly or at 9thdistrictdemocraticwomensnet@gmail.com . If you have only text you may send it directly from the website.

Melissa Teague and Beth Williams and I have onlline contributions.  They may be viewed  following the links from the introduction here. https://9thddwn.com/a-brief-history-of-feminism/notes-on-mothers-day-2019/

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