Honoring Mother’s Day

UnMotherDay225pngTwo weeks from today most of us will  be celebrating and memorializing our mothers. and many of this group will be also objects of of attention.

For interest and hopefully pleasure we have updated and added  a number of pages to our Women’s History Section, htt Most recently.  we added  an an area and pages dedicated to Mothers. 

The Ninth District Democratic Women’s Network is inviting you to join in celebration by sharing a sketch or vignette of Mother or mothering experience.  One of our founding members, Melissa Teague https://9thddwn.com/a-brief-history-of-feminism/notes-on-mothers-day-2019/mother-from-melissa/ has given us a start with sharing her poignant memory and love for her mother. Your Editor has shared a sketch in honor of all the Mothers who must deal with poverty and social marginalization in order to fulfill the imperatives of motherhood. https://9thddwn.com/a-brief-history-of-feminism/notes-on-mothers-day-2019/dust-bowl-mother/

If you do nothing else pause to read the vignette Melissa  has generously permitted to be published. It is a jewell.

Please also pause for a moment and write a few words about Mother, Your mother or another Mother or YOU!  The form below may be employed to send it or you may contact me directly by email.


Note:  For photographs or other image attachments, please email directly wlorrainewatkins@gmail.com

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